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About Emma & Simplest Of Adventures

Hi there! My name is Emma and thank you so much for visiting and following my journey. This travel and lifestyle blog serves as a semi-chronological account of my life; from traveling to fitness and everything in between. I’ve been traveling abroad for the better half of the last 6 years and as of 2017, I am now on the road full time.

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I travel slow, work along the way and am continually searching for beautiful places around the world.

From beaches and mountains to busy cities and nightlife, I'm here to experience it all!

Simplest Of Adventures - Emma McKay - About Page

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Interested in finding out more? Expand the tabs below to find out all about me, the countries I’ve visited, the story behind Simplest Of Adventures and how I can afford to travel continually.

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Growing up in such a multicultural city, with friends and family from all over the world, definitely led to an incurable sense of wanderlust. I am fortunately enough to have grown up traveling, and once I finished high school I almost immediately started exploring the world, this time on my own.

My first solo trip changed my perspective of what I had thought I wanted: a steady “normal” job, living in a big city and heck, even wanting a home base. Instead I wanted to go to new places, befriend new people, find new hidden gems, I simply wanted more days in which I could fill with new, different experiences.

I’ve always been a big believe in living in the moment, and seizing opportunities, because there is no guarantee they’ll come around again, or that you’ll be around the accept them.

With that in mind, I now design my lifestyle around all the things I love! I am very fortunate to be able to live remotely and travel freely. I’m a big fan of islands, fresh fruit and cute animals. Learning languages, meeting new people and laughing lots. A perfect day would include pancakes, a morning swim, dogs to cuddle with, a strong wifi connection and good friends to watch the sunset with.

Since 2011, I have spent about 50% of my time abroad, typically backpacking solo. As of January 2017, I now travel full time with my boyfriend. Here’s the quick rundown:

In 2011, I headed to Europe for the winter, followed by Southern Africa for a few months. In 2012 I went to South America and in 2013 I moved to Europe. Next up (after a stint at home) I headed back to Latin America, then to the UK to study. After arriving back in Toronto in 2015, by mid 2016 I was ready for a change! I headed to the U.S. and Mexico for around 6 months, then finally to the South Pacific region. I’m currently exploring South East Asia and expect to be here until mid 2018.

  • Favourite Country By Region:
    • Europe: Italy
    • North America: Canada (home) or Mexico
    • South America: Brazil
    • Africa: South Africa
    • Asia: Indonesia
  • Favourite Cities: Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Cape Town, Kyoto
  • Favourite Beach Destination: Fakarava, French Polynesia
  • Favourite Adventure: hiking 4 days to Machu Picchu with my Grandmother

Simplest Of Adventures is an all encompassing phrase to how I view all the traveling I have done. It has been the simplest, easiest thing I’ve ever done for one clear reason: it is my passion. Travel is what drives me, inspires me and challenges me, in all the right ways.

For me; it’s not hard to travel, it’s hard NOT to. It calls to me, my passion, and though it does have its challenges, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The simplest of adventures is different for everyone, but for me? It means to keep doing what I love doing: it’s that simple.

Let’s talk about money. We could talk about how to travel cheaply until the sun comes up, but no matter how much I tell you that I travel on a budget, using every trick imaginable: it still costs something.

Most of my trips have been executed with the same principle: work super hard back home, sacrificing on all nonessentials, saving up a nice little lump sum and heading out onto the road. I’ve written about how I managed to save up for traveling here, as this worked for me for a number of years.

This has proven effective for 2, 3 and even 6 month trips in the past, but it was not sustainable. I hated coming home broke, starting from nothing after depleting my savings (and credit cards!) and needed a new solution.

After traveling on and off for almost 7 years, I’ve managed to find what works for me perfectly: working from my laptop on the road. I still travel as frugally as possible, typically sticking to under $1000 a month (half of what I’d pay if I still lived in Toronto!).

Here’s how I make it work:

  • I began this trip (as of 2016) knowing that I wanted to travel for a year and not have to worry about making money: I saved up $25,000 to make this happen. Though almost depleted, for full transparency, I’ve included this.
  • Freelance Work: I do freelance writing and editing for various online publications. I work when I want, take on projects as I need them and there’s always tons to chose from (as long as you’re not picky).
  • Simplest Of Adventures has allowed me opportunities for sponsored content, and discounted stays and activities. You’ll always know if I am being compensated, and please read my Disclosure Policy for more details.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Simply put, if I link to a product or service I love and you click on my link and decide to purchase, I’ll receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. I only link to things I truly recommend.
  • I create beautiful photography and videography, producing content for brands, hotels or products!

I am always looking for new opportunities for freelance work, social media collaborations and other connections! Please see my “Work With Me” page for more!