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Welcome To Simplest Of Adventures!

Simplest Of Adventures is a travel blog turned online community featuring stories from travellers and passionate locals from around the world! We love getting off the beaten path, luxury on a budget and crazy adventures. From travel guides, inspiration stories from the road, hotel and product reviews, you’ll find all things travel on Simplest Of Adventures.

Simplest Of Adventures aims to inspire you to travel – no matter where you are from or where you’d like to go.

Originally started as a personal travel blog by Emma Hilary, the vision for Simplest Of Adventures quickly morphed into something more inclusive. Why only tell one girls’ travel stories and advice when we could hear from a whole community of individuals? Simplest Of Adventures now welcomes stories, photo journals and articles from anywhere, whether you’re a weekend warrior, backpacker, proud local, expat or anyone with a passion to share about the amazing places on the planet.

About Simplest Of Adventures - Travel Blog And Community by Emma Hilary

Why Simples Of Adventures?

Simplest Of Adventures is about living your best life, because if you love what you’re doing it really is the simplest adventure you can be on! The name comes from a desire to simplify our lives down to what we really enjoy, finding out what moves us and ultimately serves a purpose to ourselves and the world. Whether you’re living your passion, chasing a dream or living life contently – it’s the Simplest Of Adventures if you love doing it.

A travel filled life doesn’t need to be out of reach: let it be the Simplest Of Adventures.

Strip back the complications, and go on the Simplest Of Adventures – because you deserve it!

About Emma

Hi, I’m Emma!

I’m the travel obsessed girl behind Simplest Of Adventures. I’m originally from Toronto, but have spent most of the last 7 years travelling around the world, visiting 50+ countries. I love travelling slow, exploring local spots, going on crazy adventures and puppies, I definitely love meeting puppies. I’m passionate about helping others to travel, be it through destination advice, itinerary help or just some casual Instagram inspiration, if you want to talk travel, I am all ears!

I am the editor and founder of Simplest Of Adventures and also offer web design, branding and social media marketing over at Emma Hilary Design. I love working with passionate individuals who aren’t afraid of hard work and success. I’d love to hear from you – be it a suggestion for the site, a branding question or even just a recommendation on the best spot to find vegan burgers in Central America (yes, I am looking), drop me an email at

About Emma - Founder of Simplest Of Adventures,

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