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Content Creation - Emma McKay - Simplest of Adventures

Thank you for your interest in working with Emma and Simplest of Adventures.

Emma is always looking for new ways to connect with the community, other brands and destinations. Interested in working with an authentic blogger specializing in content creation, photography and video production? Check out how Emma can help grow your brand, product or destination through engaging customized content!

Content Creation

Video and Photography

Engage your audience with professional videography and photos from all around the world! Producing aerial, underwater, action and hosted travel or brand shots, you can be confident that your destination or product will be showcased beautifully! Clean, crisp video production aesthetics focusing the message you’d like to send. Featuring your destination or product through video is a surefire way to increase engagement!

Professional photography with graphic and text overlay included – perfect for increased social engagement and marketing.

Destination Partnerships and Reviews

Show off your wonderful destination or brand on Simplest of Adventures. Grow your engagement and fans by having it showcased beautifully through social media and on the blog! Emma happily accepts Press Trips, if they fall under Simplest of Adventures audiences interests.

By inviting Emma on your tour, to your country or to try your new product, you’ll receive authentic exposure through articles, professional photography and video produced with the utmost care. Simplest of Adventures has your brand in mind!

Social Media Campaigns

Emma and Simplest of Adventures are active on a number of social media networks. Engaging with people all around the world so important and good social presence is key to brand development. Working with Emma through social media campaigns, takeovers or other projects will ensure only top quality content is shown to your target audience!

Emma would love to help grow your brand through branded content on Simplest of Adventures social channels, or providing quality content and engagement on your own!

Blogging Collaboration

Simplest of Adventures is always looking for guest posts on destinations or products that align with the audiences interests. Emma is available to produce the content, or we can feature work of yours. Any content published on Simplest of Adventures is always shared on various social media channels!

Alternatively, if you are interested in any of the content on the site, please get in touch with how we can work together to reproduce it for your website! Emma is also available to guest post on your blog or website.

Personalized Trip Planning

With over 50 countries visited and numerous on the horizon, Emma is constantly planning great trips. If you need some help planning the perfect vacation, please get in touch as to how Simplest of Adventures can help. The site offers numerous advice articles, but if you’re looking for more information or would like a custom itinerary, Personalized Trip Planning is a great option. Rates differ but consultations are always free.

Thank you for your interest! Please email: hello (at) simplestofadventures (dot) com for any inquiries!

The best way to see what I’m up to in real time and examples of previous content, check out my social media accounts. Be sure to like and subscribe to not miss any content!

Alternatively, head over to the CONTACT page to find out how to get in touch!